About Me
  • Name Tomáš Kozák

  • Age 33

  • Location Brno, Czech Republic

  • Experience 15 Years

  • Phone +420 730996957

  • E-mail kozak@talko.cz

  • IČO09645870

Computers Are My Thing

Hi, my name is Tomas and I'm a programmer and developer, able to assist you with devops, platforms or whatever you want. And NO, I will not fix your computer. I'm focused on code quality, infrastructure and long-term maintainable codebases. It's not that cool to write some code and leave a company after one year. What is cool about that? Applications should be written in such a way that they are maintainable for decades!

In my career I have come across lots of technologies and various concepts. I've seen tons of code - small/huge, modern/legacy, open-source/private. Check my resumé.